Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Salam fellow readers

Assalamualaikum (May peace be upon you) fellow readers.
Since its the month of Ramadhan for us Muslims, I would like to first wish all of you muslims out there.
Have a very blessed Ramadhan. May our hearts will always be at ease, free from hatred and vengeance and may we always be at peace with ourselves. This might be the time for us to cleanse our hearts and souls and turn out to be better Muslims. In Shaa Allah, Amiin. 

This is my first post for now. 
My reason for doing up this blog is to actually pen down my thoughts and feelings and hopefully its everything positive.
I hope this blog serve as a purpose for me to be able to let go of certain things that are beyond my control and for me to find inner peace within myself.
I hope to be writing more posts that I can share with you fellow readers out there and hope it will benefit us all.
Since its Ramadhan, I might as well do something useful. And I hope it continues on, not just for Ramadhan.
I am still working on being a better Muslim. 
I am far from perfect, I have my flaws, I make mistakes. 
But I really want to change. But I must first put in effort and dengan redha Allah. (With Allah's will).

I am going to leave you fellow readers with this:
"Ma qaddarallah khair." (Apa yang Allah takdirkan itu baik belaka). 
In Shaa Allah, Amiin.

Nurhazwani MZ